"Voltage is a force or potential difference between two places"

Please note Voltage has concluded for the school year and is officially on summer break! Follow and stay tuned for summer events!

Voltage Youth are a group of students who are growing together in our authentic faith in Jesus. 

During the school year if you are in grade 8-12 we are excited to meet you and hope that you plan a visit on a

Thursday night from 7pm-9pm at Northern Life Church.

We Are All About: Connection, Community, Being Jesus Centred, Discipleship Driven, Missions Based.

What We're Like

We plan games nights, house parties, Lock Ins(Aka:all nighters), weekend retreats, movie nights and camping trips. We like to grow together through our leadership training team and band. We like being together especially when there's food. We like to play games where we have to "run for our lives" in the dark. We like burning big boxes at campfires and singing weird songs. We love Jesus and sharing our faith because our lives have been for the better and we want others to know the same love and hope that we do.

Youth Nights

  • Fall Calendar will be available mid-late august.

    Stay tuned for everything coming this fall!

Connect with the Lead Team for NLC Student Ministries

Our team of volunteer adult leaders are passionate about Jesus and are naturals at modelling a Christ-like lifestyle. 

Get connected with the Lead Team at: